VIT 310 - Automatic Micronaire Tester

Automatic Micronaire Tester, used to determine the Micronaire value of cotton fiber. CPU tech has been adapted to give digital readings and make adjustment of Micronaire value (and weight value as well) more easy and convenient. The sampling range is bigger, operation more efficient, and test results more accurate. The Micronaire value and cotton grade can be displayed directly on the tester, the test data also can be displayed in the PC when the machine is connected to the computer.

ISO2403, GB/T6498, GB1103

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz

15 Kg

220 x 250 x 300 mm (L x W x H)

Micronaire Measurement of Cotton Fiber

How to measure micronaire

The cotton micronaire testing machine was used to measure the micronaire value of cotton fiber by the airflow method.When air of a certain pressure is applied to a cotton sample , a micronaire value can be obtained by measuring the gas flow rate through the cotton , since the gas flow rate through the cotton is different depending on the fineness of the cotton .

Test significance

The micronaire value of cotton fiber is a comprehensive reflection of cotton fiber fineness and maturity. Different maturity will not only cause the change of fiber properties, but also have a great influence on yarn forming process, quality and fabric quality. As a comprehensive index of cotton fiber intrinsic quality, the micronaire value of cotton fiber directly affects the color, strength, fineness, naturality, elasticity, moisture absorption, dyeing and so on. If the value of micronaire is too high, it will affect the yarn strength. When the micronaire value is too low, cotton is often with poor maturity and harmful defects easily, and performs poor dyeing property. So only the cotton with moderate micronaire value would have higher value and good practicability.

In addition, cotton fiber fineness is generally tested with other fiber properties. For example, the cotton micronaire tester is used to measure fiber fineness and maturity, and the Fiber Fineness & Content Analysis System is used to measure fiber fineness and fiber component.

  • Micronaire value range 2.5-6.5 micronaire value
    (2.9~6.5 for weight correction)
  • Accuracy +/- 0.05 micronaire value (the best in the world)
  • Specimen weight 7.5~8.5g
  • Volume 0.26 g/cm3
  • High test speed a few seconds for one sample