VIT 130 - Infrared Lab Dyeing System

Infrared Lab Dyeing Machine is suitable for all fibers and substrates dyeing. The infrared dyeing system produces accurate laboratory sample dyeings with level and reproducible results and accommodates up to 24 positions with a low liquor ratio for synthetic and natural fibers. This infrared dyeing system moves the beakers in a circular rotation with advanced infrared heating technology eliminating glycol contamination and cumbersome beaker cleaning.
For the accurate dying, after the temp. reaches 80 degree, it is required to add assistant into the beaker in a long period, and most IR dyers is adding liquid by using injector, but it is too fast. While TD130 is different, by adding liquid into the auxiliary beaker on top of the cap, and the liquid is kept adding to the main beaker very slowly through the tiny hole of cap. This device is to simulate the actual dying process that the pump adding assistant slowly, and this Chemical Adding kits is offered on request.


  • Three ~ dimensional turning, clockwise and anti-clockwise running makes even dyeing results
  • Beakers are made of quality SUS316 stainless steel, heating fast and level, specially pressure-tested beakers offer maximum safety for atmospheric and high-temperature dyeing.
  • Infrared heating continuously (non-off-type) by quality infrared heaters which 360-degree ring-shape, direct heating on steel beakers, to let dyeing equably and saving 50% elctricity.
  • Programmable computer system controlls process , can save up to 99 kind of process, touch screen displays temperature , time, process No. and temperature curve , imported high-precision PT 100 temperature probe monitoring the actual temperature of dyeing liquor directly , to let heating and cooling automaticlly .

Chemical adding kits, specially designed chemadd lid (dyepot cap) and chemadd pot (for chemical powder or solution additions) to add chemical without opening dyepot ensures temperature stability during the dyeing

220 / 110 V 50 / 60 Hz 4 kW

190 Kg

600 x 750 x 830mm (L x W x H)

The Significance of Infrared Lab Dyeing System

Identification of the dyes used in fibers not only provides important information for color matching and dyeing and finishing process but also provides a certain basis for analyzing and evaluating the quality of printing and dyeing textiles. There are many kinds of dyes used in textiles. In the process of dyeing, if we want to obtain the textiles with uniform and solid color and without damaging the fiber, we must choose and formulate the dyeing process according to different products and different fuels. The infrared lab dyeing system is an instrument that provides relevant information.

The Characteristics of the Infrared Lab Dyeing Tester

1 Using infrared heating, high efficiency, and energy saving.

2 Form the best dyeing condition by infrared radiation heating.

3 Many dyeing cups to achieve more dyeing experiments at the same time, greatly saving time.

4 Provide the injection ration feeding system, which can be fed without opening the dyeing cup, so that the operation is convenient.

5 Automatic control is realized by the micro-processing controller.

6 Clean working environment, no pollution, no smoke, and no smell when testing.

7 The parameters of the programmed process won’t be lost after sudden power-cutting with the advanced IC equipment. If there is suddenly power off while the machine is running, the present data can be kept and go on working if the power comes again.

8 It will alarm and stop running when the temperature is over 150℃.

Testing Process

1 Turn on the power and display menu interface.

2 Remove the dyeing cup from the test bin and put the dyeing cloth sample in.

3 Set up the dyeing process on the menu interface of the instrument according to the requirements, and enter the running interface after the setup is complete.

4 Run the instrument, and observe whether the instrument is running normally, at this point, the running interface will show the temperature parameters during the test, etc.

5 At the end of the test, take out the dyeing sample, clean the dyeing cup and put it back in place, and turn off the power.


1 the dyeing cup must be clamped in the test bin to prevent it from falling out and cause damage to the instrument during operation.

2 No opening of test bin during operation.

3 Program settings are set in strict accordance with the instructions.

4 Clean the warehouse well after each test.

  • Temperature range 30 ~ 140 oC
  • Beakers 24 pots / 300ml (or other No. of quantity and volume )
  • Heating or cooling speed 0.5 ~ 3.5 oC / min
  • Temp. Control accuracy 1 oC
  • Rotation speed 0 ~ 30rpm (adjustable)
  • Liquor Ratio 1: 5 ~ 1 : 10