VIT 410B - Side Crocking Tester

Side Crocking Tester, to determine and evaluate the amount of color transferred from the side and edge surface of a belt by rubbing.
Side Crocking Tester can be applied to the surface of a belt that are made from plastics, leather, and textiles made from all fibers in the form of yarn or fabric whether dyed, printed or otherwise colored. With a timing device which is a minimum resolution of 0.1 second.

Included Accessories

  • Clamp
  • Top load weight


10 kg

115 x 100 x 150 mm (L x W x H)

What is a Rubbing Color Fastness Tester?

The color fastness tester, which is a kind of testing instrument that uses the test to simulate the friction environment to test the strength of the sample color. From the beginning of the manual friction tester to the present automatic friction tester, from the testing of textiles to the testing of leather, There are more and more methods for testing color fastness to friction.

Instrument Use

The side crocking tester is mainly used for leather products, clothing fabrics and tent fabrics and the like, and is especially suitable for dry and wet friction colorfastness testing of small area materials such as printing.

Test Method

The instrument uses stitches to fix the samples of leather products and a friction head to fix the small white cloth. Apply a certain pressure to the small white cloth, and then pulls the white cloth by hand to slide on the leather surface. Thus testing the colorfastness of leather and other textiles. Compare the gray card and indicate whether dry or wet friction. Write the evaluation results.

  • Clamp 104 mm
  • Top load weight 3.0 lb.