VIT 420 - Light & Weather Fastness Tester

Light & Weather Fastness Tester , to determine color fastness to light, weather and light aging of various colored textiles and other materials by simulating both light and dark cycles and nature weather conditions by specimen holders and rack sprays and long-arc-xenon lamp equipped.


  • Light intensity set digitally, real-time monitoring, closed-loop controlled and automatically adjust to meet the different standards (standard 420nm; 340nm, 300~400nm, 300~800nm is offered on request)
  • 10.4 inch large color touch panel, a variety of test monitoring modes (animation, digital, graphic) operate easily and clearly.
  • All key components such as temp, and humidity sensors, ultrasonic himidifier are imported from USA, Japan, Germany, etc.
  • Blackboard Thermometer (BPT), the Standard Blackboard Thermometer (BST), Irradiance detector and samples placed in the same position, a true reflection of the sample under test conditions, the data displayed as figures, charts, curves on the large color screen, no need to stop for observation.
  • Detection and wireless transmission using light energy conversion technologies for energy, not the other home power supply.
  • Sample holders can be timed independently to achieve different tests simultaneity in the same machine
  • Rated 2500W long arc xenon lamp simulate daylight spectrum.
  • Industrial temperature control (cooling) system offers quickly and smoothly control
  • Set of Sample Holders, set of Blue Wool Fabric (L1~L8), Gray Scale (Changing), Arc xenon Lamp and other

ISO105-B02, GB/T8427, ISO105-B04, GB/T8430, AATCC 16, GB/T14576, GB/T15102-2006, GB/T15104-2006

380V 50Hz 6 kW

350 Kg

1000 x 550 x 1570 mm (L x W x H)

What do you need to pay attention to when operating the xenon lamp weatherometer?

1 Do not open the right box cover during the operation of the equipment. The right box body of the weather ometer is mainly the electrical function component. There is a high dangerous voltage above 10kV when the xenon arc lamp flip-flop works. Removing the lid of the box may cause the personnel to touch the electrical component part, resulting in electric shock.

2. Do not try to manually press the protection switch of the test storehouse for lighting operation when the test storehouse glass door is opened. It is forbidden to open the test storehouse glass door when the xenon arc lamp is ignited.

3. Do not direct view of the xenon arc lamp light source of the fadeometer in the unprotected state to avoid damage to the eye.

4. Operators should keep their attention in the process of operation in order to prevent the occurrence of dangerous failures caused by negligence.

5. The xenon arc weatherometer must be disconnected from the power supply before the maintenance of the equipment. The maintenance of the light fastness testing machine, especially for the electrical part, should be operated by special technicians.

  • Working modes To simulate and reinforce the impact of the nature of the measured object, providing light and dark, temperature and humidity, raining and other quantitative indicators.
  • Light source 2500W air-cooled long-arc xenon lamp
  • Temperature range 25 ~ 50 ℃, Resolution 0.1 ℃
  • Humidity range Bright cycle 10 ~ 70% RH, Dark cycle 30 ~ 95%, R. H. resolution 0.1%
  • Test time control ≤ 1000h
  • Irradiance 0.80 ~ 2.01W/m2 @ 420nm (340nm, 300~400nm, 300~800nm is offered on request), Digital set, automatic closed-loop compensation
  • Irradiance accuracy ± 0.02W/m2 @ 420nm
  • Sample holder
    ISO / GB 135 x 45mm, 16 Pcs
    AATCC 130 x 75mm, 8 Pcs, samples can be held on both sides
  • Rotation speed of sample holder 5 rpm
  • BPT Range (40 ~ 80) +/- 2℃
  • BST Range (40 ~ 85) +/- 1℃