VIT 213 - Universal Wear Tester

Universal Wear Tester, to determine the wear and abrasion resistance of fabric used in clothing, footwear and industries, Universal wear tester supplies with surface abrasion head (inflated diaphragm method) and Flex abrasion head as well as necessary weights and blades.
Accessories are available on request for conducting frosting, pilling and edge abrasion tests. Universal wear tester fitted with built-in timer and mechanical cycle counter; repeatable and reproducible testing is ensured by consistent motor speed providing 120 double strokes per minute of 25mm (1in) stroke length. Improved air injection system for more uniform inflation of the diaphragm used in surface abrasion testing, and a superior clamping mechanism for
repeatable specimen tensioning.

Optional order

  • Frosting Attachment
  • Edge and Fold Abrasion Clamp
  • Elastomeric Friction Pad and Base Pad
  • Photographic Standards for ASTM D 3514
  • Verification ribbon 50yd / roll
  • Abrasive ‘0’ 50 yd/ roll
  • Abrasive ‘600A’ 50 yd/ roll
  • Abrasive ‘320J’ 50 yd/ roll

ASTM D3514/D3885/D3886, AATCC 119/120,
FTMS191/5300/5302, FORD EFB 15J2/BN 112-01

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz

90 Kg

790 x 500 x 680 mm (L x W x H)

What is the Wear Resistance of Fabric

Wear is the phenomenon of damage that when the fabric does repeated friction with other objects during use, and wear is one of the main causes of fabric damage. Wear is mainly includes three kinds of grinding: flat grinding, curved grinding and edge grinding. Flat grinding is the reciprocating or rotating plane friction that the fabric is subjected to, such as the friction in the sleeves of clothes, the buttocks of trousers, the bottom of socks, etc. Curved grinding is the friction of a fabric in a bending state, such as the friction at the elbow or knee. Edge grinding mainly refers to the abrasion of the neckline, cuffs, trousers, etc.

Testing Principle of the Stoll Quartermaster Universal Wear Tester

Stoll quartermaster universal wear tester is mainly composed of control part and friction part. Install the sample on the fixture and tighten it. Put down the upper fixture with sand paper, adjust the position of weight to make the sand paper contact with the surface of the sample, and set the friction times of the sample by control system. Start the wear testing machine, test the friction, stop the instrument when the movement times reach the set value, and then take off the sample to observe the degree of wear.

Test Range of the Stoll Quartermaster

This instrument can be used for abrasion resistance tests such as flat grinding, curved grinding, edge grinding, resistance to frost, etc. It can be used in woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, coated fabrics, pile fabrics, socks, felt, nonwovens, deep fabrics, yarns, wire rope watch film, rubber, leather, paper, and many other materials.

Stoll Quartermaster Abrasion Tester can test the wear resistance of different products or different friction ways which caused the different methods of operation. We will provide you with more detailed manual if you purchase our products.

  • Rotation Speed 100rpm
  • Measuring Range 25mm
  • Counter
  • Depth Abrasion kits
  • Surface Abrasion kits
  • Flex Abrasion kits