VIT 223 - ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester

ICI Pilling Tester / Pilling Box. To rapidly replicate pilling on fabrics in a fraction of the time due
to normal wear.
ICI pilling tester uses a universal drive system with 2 or 4 position, electronic digital counter,
and sample mounting fixture. The machine accepts ICI Pilling boxes and ICI pilling drums.

Optional Accessories

  • Pilling Assessment Viewer
  • Set of 5 Photographic Standards
  • Mounting Jig (used to install specimens easily)
  • Cork liner – pack of 6
  • Rubber tube – pack of 4

Optional Standard

  • SnagPod for BS 8479
  • Snagging pins for JIS L1058

ISO12945-1, BS 5811, NEXT 19, IWSTM152, M&S P18, P19, P21A,

220 /110 V 50/60 Hz

125 Kg

800 x 500 x 600 mm (L x W x H)

What is Fabric Pilling?

In the process of fabric wearing and washing, the fibers of the yarns begin to be loosened under the continuous action of external forces such as friction and washing. When the friction force is greater than the fiber strength, the fiber end of the fabric is easy to reveal the fabric surface, and gradually slip outward from the yarn to form the ring and the villi, that is, the phenomenon of the fabric’s pilling. Fabric’s pilling affects fabric appearance and reduces fabric performance. Therefore, studying the cause of fabric pilling has a certain guiding significance for our actual production.

Test Method of Pilling

During the pilling test, there is different test method for different material and use of fabric, however, the design principle is generally used to simulate the pilling process in the actual use of textiles. For example, both Martindale method and pilling box method are aims at European market, random tumbling pilling method is aimed at the American market and circular locus method is aim at Chinese market.

A Brief Introduction to the Pilling and Snagging Test

Specimens are mounted on polyurethane tubes and tumbled randomly in a cork-lined box at a constant rotational speed. Fuzzing and pilling is assessed visually after a defined period of tumbling.

Mount the specimen into a polyurethane tube. Remove any fibers or fluff from the empty boxes  of the machine by light brushing, vacuum cleaning or using a compressed air gun and inspect the cork linings for wear or damage. Then put the specimens into the boxes, ensure all the lids of box must be closed and locked before run. At this time the preparatory work was completed.

Switch power on and then enter the main page. Press the Start/Stop button or any other button to enter the test page. Press the “START” button, the machine will start and the counter will count the revolution. During the test, the operator can press the stop button or power switch at any time to stop the test. And by pressing the test button, the test can be recovered from the place where the test is stopped.

After the preset number of revolutions is reached, the machine will stop automatically. Before removing the specimens from the boxes/drums, ensure the machine is completely stopped. Clean the machine by light brushing, vacuum cleaning or using a compressed air. Reset the revolution counter for the next specimen test.

Now ICI pilling and snagging tester is on sale, if you want to know about sample preparation, sample evaluation, instrument maintenance and so on, please contact us.

  • Rotation Speed 60 +/ -2 rpm
  • Control Mode Single chip control
  • Touch panel