VIR 300C 300J

Model VIR 300C Computer Screen Display Charpy and Izod Pendulum Impact Tester is high performance pendulum impact tester that precisely determines absorbed impact energy and resistance to breakage of metallic specimens. With the computer display, it can show test result and test curve in real time easily. Designed for determination of the impact energy as Charpy and Izod impact methods according to ASTM E23, ISO, DIN, EN standards; Innovative mechanical design features make these testing machine top contenders on the market with excellent price/quality ratio as well as high accuracy. Universities, automotive and aero companies, research and R&D Labs, as well as steel plants are typical customers for these testing systems.

Extremely rigid frame with low-friction pendulum bearing Integrated Charpy test and Izod test together Direct indication of the energy absorbed by the broken sample is given by a mechanical pointer on a graduated scale The base pendulum can be conveniently disassembled, replaced for Izod test and Charpy test. Handed controller is easy to control the pendulum release, test. A safety lock holds the pendulum in its raised position and assures a vibration-free release when activated. The impact systems are designed to ensure the maximum safety for operator. Easy to operate with high accuracy

Charpy test

  • Capacity: 300, 150J
  • Impact velocity: 5.2m/s
  • Raised angle: 150º
  • Standard span: 40mm
  • Round angle of jaws: R1-1.5mm
  • Round angle of striking Edge: R2-2.5
  • Size of specimen: 10 x 10 x 55mm

Izod Test

  • Capacity: 150J
  • Impact velocity: 4.4m/s
  • Raised angle: 150º
  • Round angle of striking Edge: R2mm

– Power supply: 3 phs, 415V, 50Hz

– Dimensions: 2100 x 600 x 1340mm

– Net Weight: 550kg

– Display: Computer screen display