Plastic tensile Impact Testing Machine

 Equipment description:

HZ-1702B Plastic Tensile Impact Testing Machine is use to plastic, nylon, rubber, glass, steel, composite plastic pipe, electrical insulation materials and other non-metallic materials to resist the impact of moving load performance test instrumentation. This machine is simple operation,  high ecien,it can adjuts the seatand is very convenient to replace . At the same time to complete due to too soft or too thin can not be carried out in simple beam (Charpy) or cantilever (Ehrlich) and impact test. Applicability, is a rockbound  plastic manufacturers, plastic pipe manufacturer, quality control units, research institutes and other necessary testing instruments.

Main function:

Used for metal Charpy impact test results, the impact energy of metal samples.

To meet the standard:

The main technical parameters of the instrument to the national standard GB/T13525-92 “plastic tensile impact test”, the international standard ISO8256-1990 “Determination of plastic tensile impact strength” and the American standard ASTM D1822 “plastics and electrical insulating materials tensile impact Performance test method “and the industry standard JB/T8762” plastic Charpy impact testing machine technolgy “related requirements

Applicable industry:

The instrument is used to the measuring quality control; metallurgical iron and steel; machinery manufacturing; colleges and universities; research laboratories; commodity inspection, arbitration, and technical supervision departments; other industries, and for the special test equipment.

Technical parameter:

Model HZ-1702B
Energy 2J 4J 7.5J 15J 25J
Pre-raising corner 160°
The speed of impact 2.9m/s 、3.8m/s
The qulity of the fixture block 30g 、  60g
The distance between xture blockand immobile xture block 25mm  30mm  50mm
The distance fromPendulum shaft center to the specimen center 380mm
The reading mode Display on the dial