Ink Rub Tester

How can we closely simulate abrasion damage on ink found in the field? We use a Ink Rub Tester that comply to ASTM D5264 and TAPPI T830 to determine the quality of adhesion, and scuff resistance of ink to paper surfaces, plastic and aluminum film. The motorized unit is simple to operate by entering the number of rubs in the pre-set counter and starting the unit. It will rub the sample until the pre-set value is achieved.









Industries that uses Ink Rub Tester

  • Printing Ink Industry
  • Packaging Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Raw materials suppliers
  • R&D institutes universities


  • 4 test modes of dry rub, wet rub, wet transfer and wet smear and 4 different test speeds to meet different test requirements
  • Unique structure of single stations with arc movement structure. 




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