How Production Quality Improved Tesla’s Growth to 60 Million USD

Hi everyone, some of you may have heard of Tesla under fire after quality issue allegations, and CNBC reported in March 2018 that One Tesla engineer estimated that 40 percent of the parts made or received at its Fremont factory require rework,”.
Tesla was paying a high cost for this quality challenge; the company has been struggling to rein in mounting losses, losing both the customers and potential customers ever since CEO Elon Musk pressing hard to accelerate production of its new electric car “Model 3”.
Tesla managed to transform from being in deep fire from early 2016 into celebrating success in Aug 2018 by overcoming their quality and production issue.

Tesla Market Cap:59.35B for Aug. 2, 2018
We normally think that quality management system for factory production is important but not critical, we need to have a second thought now. We do not need 100-page research to tell us poor product quality can damage our business.
One of the solution is to have a proper quality management system like the one in ISO 9000 family that addresses various aspects of quality management standards that provide guidance, tools and equipment for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.

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