Electromagnetic resonance High-frequency fatigue testing machine has simple structure, convenient
operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption and other characteristics, therefore it widely is used in
the field of military scientific research, colleges and universities and industrial production.

High-frequency fatigue testing machine is widely used for testing properties of anti-fatigue crack, testing
KIC value, S-N curve and so on; it is used for testing fatigue lifetime of all kinds of parts (e.g. plate gear,
crank, bolt, chain, connecting rod, compact tension and so on) with various fixtures. It may complete the
symmetrical fatigue test, the asymmetrical fatigue test, the unidirectional pulsation fatigue test, the block
spectrum fatigue test, the modulation fatigue test, the fatigue test at high and low temperature, three point
bending, four point bending, torsion fatigue tests and so on. At present colleges and universities, research
department and industrial and mining enterprises use the high frequency testing machine to carry on
fracture toughness test and testing metallic material crack growth rate and limited value of martial. With
the development of microelectronic technology and computer technology, as well as perfect test method,
its use function is increasing expansion.
This machine undergoes optimization design and the structure is rational. The automatically controlled
system adopts the advanced pulse wide control system and new-type power amplifier to improve the
reliability of the electric system