It is designed and built for torsion test on metal & non-metal materials, as well as parts &
components. It is an essential instrument to inspect torsion properties of materials in
mechanics laboratories of aviation industry, construction industry, scientific research
department, universities & industrial enterprises.
The testing machine adopts PC-Controlled AC servo system & is loaded through the rotation
of the active cartridge driven by the AC servo motor and cyclonical pinwheel reducer motor.
The torque and torsion angle are measured with high-precision torque transducer &
photoelectric encoder. All the test operation can be completed by software. Computer will
dynamic display , collect ,store, process & print out the test torsion curves, loading rate, peak
value & so on.


  • Max. test torque ( N.m) : 50
  • Measuring range of test load(±Nm): 0.6~30
  • Relative error of torque display : ≤±1%
  • Range of torsion angle measure(°): 0-9999.9
  • Speed accuracy : ≤±1%
  • Direction of test rotation: Bidirectional
  • Range of test speed(°/min): 0~540
  • Min. reading of torsion angle(°):  0.0001
  • Test space (mm) : 0~300
  • Día of specimen(mm): 6-20 (can be customized).
  • Control mode : Torque or torsion angle close-loop control.
  • Computer screen display the test curves &
    Torsion-Time curves
    Torsion angle-Time curves
    Torsion-Torsion angle curves
  • Output test curves & test parameters : Test report.
  • Power supply: AC 220 V 50Hz 1 PH
  • Noise:  ≤75dB