VAW 8000

Computer Control Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine
Model VEW 2302 Universal Electromechanical Testing Machine is designed and manufactured according to ASTM, ISO, DIN etc standards. It is computer-controlled precision Testing Machine, suitable for wide range of material for tension, compression, Bending and shearing test. It has high stability as well as high precision, equipped with PC system & printer for graph, test result display, test control as set program, printing & data processing. Complete with modulus for metal, spring, textile, rubber, plastic and other material testing & creep test. It is widely used in many fields such as industry factories, mineral enterprise and high schools.

Load Unit:
The floor type load frame is frequently the choice of those in the composites and metals industries where specimen size and strength require higher load capacity with thefeatures as follows.

High accuracy:
The preloaded precision ball-screw ensures high speed and position measurement accuracy.

Safety features:
The testing machine stops automatically when the change in the test force exceeds a specified value during operations.

Large space in the working area
The insides of columns provide wide space for the operator.

Over-stroke limiter
The range of the crosshead movement mechanically limited.

Comfortable working area
The wide legroom under the load unit provides a comfortable working area for attaching and removing jigs.