VEW 2308B Glass Screen Compression Testing Machine

Equipment summary:

The machine is designed by mechanical-electrical integration, composition of the force-measuring Sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, mechanism of load drive, computer and color inkjet printer. High-precision electronic motor can be set to five-speed, the components are connected by plug-way, Floor-standing models, it is taken account of modern industrial design and ergonomics in modeling and Coating. It can be tested all the materials in stretch, compression, bending, shear, embedded relay, Peeling. tearing, crack, etc, such as rubber, plastics, leather, metal, nylon wire, fabric, paper, aerospace, packaging, construction, petrochemical, electrical, vehicle, etc.

The implementation of standards and standard configuration:

  1. GB/T4689.20-1996 Measuring fastness of leather’s adhesion
  2. QB/T2710-2005 Measuring leather’s expansion and the rate of elongation
  3. QB/T2711-2005 measuring tear force of leather
  4. QB/T2712-2005 measuring leather’s strength and stretch of spherical crack test


Computer Servo Type Universal Testing Machine

  1. High-precision sensor 1ton from U.S.A. Accurate Forces within ± 0.5%.
  2. High-precision 24 bits A / D, sampling frequency 200Hz
  3. Power System: Panasonic AC Servo Motor + Driver + CAVEX + precision ball screw
  4. Control System: it is more precise using Pulse Command control modem, the range in speed control is 0.01 ~ 500 mm / min. the crossgead can be adjust to fast and slow by the control board. it is automatically saved after testing .
  5. Data transmission: RS232 Transfer
  6. Display: Windows 7 test software.
  7. Easy to control five speed and calibration system.
  8. Test software can precision control in position, speed, rate of load force and rate of stress, satisfy the different requirements of test.
  9. Test space: Testing width is about 400 mm (standard), moving space of active crosshead 1000mm (excluding fixtures)
  10. Displacement: coder 2500 P / R, increase four-time accuracy. adopt Japanese Lejing coder that has strong anti-jamming capability, displacement resolution 0.001mm. Small deformation: Metal extensometers, parsing 0.001mm.
  11. Protection function: Possess overload protection, limited position protection function, and over current, over voltage, over speed, over torque and overheating protection of AC servo speed adjusting system and the motor.
  12. Control mode: Possess three kinds of close loop control modes, namely load, deformation and displacement, to realize no impact switch during automatic program control test

Software description about Computer Servo Type Universal Testing Machine

  1. Function of standard modular: provide users with the necessary applications to the test, covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS … and other test standard specification.
  2. Being test product information: provide users with the data to set about the product, one time to input and re-use permanently for improving the accuracy, the data can be corrected by the formula automatically.
  3. Dual-Report Editor: provide user with the reported format that user choose (testing program add EXCEL reported format, Extend the previous single pattern of statements)
  4. length unit, force unit and showing the data can exchange, force unit T, Kg, N, KN, g, lb, unit of length mm, cm, inch.
  5. Auto-optimization of graphic scale, display the best measurement of graphics. It can test the exchange in graphics. It has the load – displacement, load – time, displacement – time, stress – strain load -2 points extending maps, and lots of graph compared. F. Test results can be output in EXCEL format.
  6. the result of test can be automatically preserved or manual preserved, test can automatically calculate the most strength, up and down yield strength, loop method, best method, non-proportional extended strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, tensile strength at any point, constant load extension, elastic modulus, rate of elongation, peel range of maximum, minimum, average, force, total energy, bending modulus, x% load in break displacement, load X% in break displacement, and so on the test data can be stored in any disk.
  7. Software has a capability that can output the before data.

The accessories about Computer Servo Type Universal Testing Machine

  1. Warranty certificate within one-year and operating instructions.
  2. One set of fixture
  3. Testing software for tensile machine
  4. One set of computer, color deskjet printer

Test parameters

Common items: (Display data and calculation)

  • tensile stress
  • tensile strength
  • fixed stress
  • stress strength
  • the value of force at any point
  • pull-out strength
  • tensile strength
  • rate of elongation at break
  • rate of stress at break
  • tear strength
  • rate of elongation at any point
  • force of adhesion and value of peak

Main Technical parameters about Computer Servo Type Universal Testing Machine 

Load capacity


Load resolution

1/ 300000

Load accuracy

≤ ±0.5 % from 0.2% – 100% full scale

Strain measurement accuracy

±0.5% of reading down to 1/50 of full scale with ASTM E 83 class B or ISO 9513 class 0.5 extensometer.

Power magnification

7 automatic switching

Displacement resolution

0.001 mm

Displacement accuracy

≤ ±0.5 %

Extensometer resolution

0.001 mm

Extensometer accuracy

≤ ±0.5 %

Speed range

0.01~500mm/min (Optional : 1000mm/min)

Crosshead speed accuracy

Better than ±0.2% of set speed Twin ball screw driven with close-loop servo and motor control.

Effective Tensile Stroke

800mm (customisable)


Delta Servo Motor

Test width

400mm (customizable)

Load unit

N, kN, kgf, lb, Ton etc

Power Supply

Single Phase 220V 50Hz

Dimension (L x W x H)

800 x 550 x 2200 mm


250 kg