Coefficient of Friction Tester Malaysia

Victor provides 2 types of Coefficient of Friction Tester for packaging testing system in Malaysia which are VIP 127A and VIP 127B.

VR 2000R Mooney Viscometer

VR 2000R Mooney Viscometer viscosity for rubber vulcanization index determination. Sample in a certain
temperature and pressure, the rotor to a certain degree of rotation torque on the sample to a certain
degree of shear stress, measure out the rubber anti-shear torque. Is reclaimed rubber, rubber, wire and
cable industry indispensable instrument.


  • PLC control and 7 inch touch screen operation
  • 5 standard test modes and 4 test stations
  • Long and short stroke fast switching
  • Condition A,B,C,D and E can be chosen
  • Micro printer (Optional)

ASTM F392, “Flex Durability of Flexible Barrier Materials”

Control Temperature Range

Normal temperature: 200°C

Temperature Display Resolution


Temperature Control Accuracy

± 0.1°C

Calibration Accuracy

Mooney value ± 0.5

Rotor Speed

2 rotation/min ± 0.02 rotation/min

With HP computer

+ HP colour printer