VR 2000 MDR Computer Display Moving Die Rotor Rheometer

Rubber Rheometer

Equipment summary
HZ-7001B Mooney Viscometer viscosity for rubber vulcanization index determination. Sample in a certain temperature and pressure, the rotor to a certain degree of rotation torque on the sample to a certain degree of shear stress, measure out the rubber anti-shear torque. Is reclaimed rubber, rubber, wire and cable industry indispensable instrument.

Meet the standards:
Line GB/T1232 “unvulcanized rubber Mooney Viscosity”, GB / T 1233 “Rubber, Determination of characteristics of the initial curing Mooney Viscometer” and ISO289, ISO667 ,ASTM D1646 and other standards.

Applicable industry:
Applied to rubber, tires, reclaimed rubber factory.t.



Room temperature to 200°C

Heating Up

15°C / min

Temperature Fluctuation

± 0.3°C

Temperature Resolution


Torque Range

0–5Nm, 0–10Nm, 0–20Nm

Torque Resolution



50Hz, ~ 220V ± 10%


0.4 MPa

Air Pressure Requirement

0.5 MPa – 0.65MPa


GB / T16584, ASTM-D5289

Environment Temperature

10°C – 20°C

Humidity Range

55 – 75%RH

Compressed Air

0.35 – 0.40MPa

Swing Frequency

100 rpm (1.67Hz)

Swing Angle

± 0.5°C, ±1°C, ±3°C


Date, time, temperature, vulcanization curve, temperature curve, ML, MH, ts1, ts2, t10, t50, Vc1, Vc2


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