HZ-7001A No Rotor Rheometer

Product Summary:
HZ-7001A No rotor rheometer (Blue) is to control the quality of rubber rubber processing industry, the
rapid test and Rubber basic research is the most widely used instruments, and provides accurate data
for the rubber to optimize the formulation combination, can accurately measure the scorch time is
rheometer time curing index and the maximum, minimum torque and other parameters.

The Standard:

HZ-7001A No rotor rheometer (Blue) meets GB/T16584 “rubber – rotor rheometer Measurement of vulcanization
characteristics, requirements, ISO6502 requirements and Italian standards require T10,T30,T50,T60,T90 data.

Applicable Industry:
HZ-7001A No rotor rheometer (Blue) is the national regulations for the development of new products, rubber
formula, to control the quality of rubber and rubber base most important testing instruments. Widely used in
rubber products industries

Tenhnical parameter:
Model: HZ-7001A No Rotor Rheometer
Temperature control range Room temperature—200℃
Fluctuations in temperature range ±0.15℃
Torque resolution 1/500000
Torque accuracy 0.3%
Torque unit
N.m、N.cm、N.inch、kN.m、kN.cm、kN.inch、kg.m、kg.cm kg.
Temperature display resolution 0.01℃
Mold temperature recovery time < 1.5min
Temperature unit C、F、K
Acquisition rate 200 times/S
Supported languages English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
Using standard GB/T 16584、ASTM D5289、ISO 6502
Calculation parameters ts1、ts2、t10、t30、t50、t70、t90、Vc1、Vc2
Software interface USB2.0
Print content
Date, time, temperature, curing curve, the temperature curve、