HZ-7001A MDR / Moving Die Rotor Rheometer

Product Summary:
HZ-7001A Moving die rotor rheometer is a widely used tester in rubber processing industry, rubber quality
control and basic research rubber, For optimize formula of rubber provide accurate data, It can accurately
measure the scorch time, rheometer time, sulfide index, the maximum and minimum torque and other

The Standard:
Accord with GB/T16584《rubber- no rotor rheometer to measure the characteristics of vulcanized》
ISO6502:1991 and ASTMD5289-95

Tenhnical parameter:
Model: HZ-7001A MDR / Moving Die Rotor Rheometer

Standard GB/T16584 IS06502
Temperature room temperature to 200 Centigrade
Heating-up 15 Centigrade/min
Temperature fluctuation ≤ ±0.3 Centigrade Temperature resolution 0.1 Centigrade
Torque range 0-5N.M、0-10N.M、0-20N.M
Torque resolution 0.001NM
Power 50HZ, ~220V±10%
Pressure ︽0.4Mpa
Air-pressure requirement 0.5Mpa–0.65MPa (user prepare the dia 8 trachea)
Environment temperature 10 Centigrade–20 Centigrade
Humidity range 55–75%RH
Compressed air 0.35-0.40Mpa
Swing frequency 100r/min(about 1.67HZ)
Swing angle ±0.5 Centigrade ,±1 Centigrade ,±3 Centigrade
date、time、temperature、vulcanization curve、temperature curve、