VDC-8000 Walk-In Temperature Check & Disinfection Chamber

The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus epidemic in 2019 (COVID-19) has caused panic and drawn the world‘s attention due to its high contagiousness, high pathogenicity and high mortality rate. As people gradually return to work or go back to school, the question that is how to reduce the risks of infection comes.

The Walk-in Temperature Check & Disinfection Chamber by VICTOR is the solution, meeting all needs of temperature measurement and disinfection in public places with its safe, thorough and efficient disinfection function. It finds application in all kinds of public places including hospitals, schools, stations, shopping malls, communities, supermarkets, prison, airports, factories, construction sites, scenic spots, etc.

• Carbon steel plate, stable and reliable

• 2 universal wheels, easy to move

• Non-contact infrared temperature measurement with high precision, fast speed & digital display;

• Audible and visual alarm if body temperature exceeds the set value (adjustable);

• Automatic spraying, sensitive and quick response;

• Special bowl shaped nozzle with adjustable and all around spraying direction;

• Independant & Non-contact hand washing module, safe and hygienic;

• Transparent glass windows on both sides, convenient for observation;

• Transparent & magnetic door curtain, providing a sealed space for disinfection;

• Waste liquid collection at the bottom, free from floor pollution;

• Highly anticorrosive disinfectant reservoir and spray nozzle. Hypochlorous acid disinfectant, chlorine dioxide disinfectant etc. can be used. Sole dust removal;

• Ultrasonic atomization disinfection system; food-grade disinfectant; Disinfectant refill indicator;

• UV lamp can disinfect the inside of the chamber to avoid cross infection;

• Anti- condensation lighting lamp, convenient for use at night and in humid environment;

• Industrial-grade safety protection with emergency stop switch, short circuit & leakage protection.

Technical Standards

Method Non-contact Infrared Temperature Measurement
Dimensions 180 cm x 120 cm x 240 cm
Power Supply 220 VAC, 400W
Accuracy 0.2°C
Disinfectant Food-grade disinfectant,including hypochlorous and acid disinfectant
Disinfectant Reservoir capacity 15L