VIR -50T Thermoplastic valves bend tightness testing machine

Product summary:

It is used for test engineering plastics, glass-steel, ceramics, casting stone, plastic wiring,
insulating material, plastic pipe material and other non –metallic materials for antiimpact intensity. The products satisfy the standard demands of ISO 179, ISO 180,GB/T
1043, GB/T 1843,ASTM D256,DIN53453,GB18743,ISO9854,DIN12608 and others. It is
computerized type. The impact tester adopts raster -display technique of measuring
circle angle, with the characteristics of high precision, good stability and wide range of
measuring, computer screen display of testing split strength, impact intensity, foreelevation, ascending angle, automatic correcting average value of one group for energy
losing. With the computer, the machine can do data processing, and also issue the test
report. Equip with printer, it can print test result and test report.

Force test range:0~10000N

error:indication±1%(full-scale>10%) displacement test range:0~500mm;

tensile speed:25 mm/min


temperature condition:temperature10℃~40℃, humidity≤80%,


weight:about 400Kg